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Japanese believe blood type can determine character

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

Many Japanese believe that blood type can determine the esomeprazole online Buy generic cialis , buy cheap Cialis – Canadian pharmacy, best offer.! Your health in your hands! Package delivery insurance! character professional essay writers . This wave of blood type superstition affects our friends jobs, and some merchants have become the way of making money.

According to Spain, “Le Monde” reported that Japan Ritsumeikan University Department of Psychology conducted a survey, 80 percent of adults believe that Japan’s decision to blood type all.

30-year-old Tian Bo China and the United States to stay, said: “I do not like to type B, they are very simple, and act without thinking. But I have contacts all of her B blood type.” Hopes and her blood type O people contacts, because ” O-type people than others, more self-confidence, on the other hand, they are more lively, good-natured, improvement of the family, but also to know how other people think. ”

In Japan, blood type and even into some of the companies offering employment to be considered when a standard. For example, B-type blood in the competition when leadership positions at a disadvantage because the Japanese blood type manual said, B-blood people who lack of diplomacy and leadership, on the other hand, they have extraordinary creativity and keen art The sense of smell.

Japanese manufacturers have this as a trend way of making money and have been offering blood and related products, such as blood type series, which is a counterpart of a blood type of book, said to be launched in August this year, the blood type listed in the first two series Months already sold more than 5,000,000.

The end of this month, Nintendo will launch a new blood type and games. The “everyone’s personality: A-, B-, AB and O type” of the game to collect all the blood type of information, game players can choose to create character and role.
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Anecdote: sitting “camel” to work in Cuba

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

Cuba to see for the first time in the bus, that feeling can be described as two words: shock! This was known as the “camel” to subvert the car on my bus all the memory and imagination.

Sitting “camel” to work

“Camel train” is the first big head, the former in 3 cars than China’s “big channel” Bus grow almost 50%; followed by the rough voice, diesel engine combined with the huge body, Hu Chi opened up with asthma; also There is the odd shape, the first truck, metal body, 3 cars in the middle two low-high peaks like a camel. The whole car from afar, full of daring.

“Camel train” no one stop, according to Cuba because of the law, as long as it was on the road beckons, the car must be stopped. It can be said that all stations along the way, it is not the station. Huge car drivers are often only one person, but the local people very conscious, very few fare evasion.

“Camel train” in Cuba can be considered a long history. In the 1990s, Cuba faces serious economic difficulties, nearly half of the reduction in foreign trade, energy shortages. At that time, to shake off the plight of the “camel train” came into being. The front of the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe’s old goods, and a large metal compartment is a hands-on welding of the Cubans themselves. Over the past 20 years, this car is the main force of public transport in the capital Havana, can carry 400 passengers, but fewer windows, seats less, a slower car. Cuba, said a friend, he arrived home from a unit of the 4 km distance can sometimes use the bus to go home 4 hours.

Even so, people in Havana roar of the “camel” is still a soft spot. This year, the Cubans from China to buy more than 5,000 car Yutong, Havana “camel train” to finally withdraw from the stage of history. In the final moments of the operation, local people rushed to the scene for the last time by the “camel”, bid farewell to them. It is said that the retired “camel train” after renovation, but also to other provinces of Cuba continue to “active aging.”化妝課程

People can take the car, General

Havana’s public transport is not developed, there is no subway, bus lines or more. Car can go out to play, but the price was not an ordinary citizen can bear. At present, Cuba’s oil supply gap larger Liuqibaiwan tons per year at least, their exploitation can only 2,000,000 tons, is far from enough. So Cubans have a free ride practices. The Government also encouraged the ride as long as you have the car seat, you have to stop other people waved. Interesting to say, Cuba ran the car on the street, there are dozens of color license, we basically tell them foreigners, but remember that Cubans themselves are very firm. Up blue car license does not pay a cent, because the blue car is a public vehicle licensing. If the bus had been refusing, people can appeal. Hanging orange or yellow license the vehicle, usually a private car, the car will have to take this as appropriate to the owners of some of the costs. It is said that some of Cuba’s generals have become a special train “shuttle” between home and work, have to pull along some of the common people. Cuba’s bus, is the real “bus”, which may be unique in the world.

Antique car into the only, not out

Cuba’s world-renowned classic cars, many of them could not make, can be described as obsolete, but they are also filled with tenaciously running. It is said that car is a lot of the Cuban revolution brought before the Americans and later the Americans gone, but cars remain, take a look, thought it was new. These classic cars have the same old house with Havana’s gorgeous colors. Cui Gabbana green, purple without impurities, and Huang Ming, Yan powder … … If you are an antique car enthusiasts, to Havana, only to see the stem out of it because the law stipulates that only an antique car into, not out.

My Cuban friends segundo vehicles are dark blue Jaguar car, his grandfather left behind, has 50-year-old. It seems to me that although the Puma’s in-house is quite old taste, is also running a smooth operator. Segundo only sounded his horn, use a small pump to boost the morale of the steering wheel, and then be able to speak out by. Segundo said, he began playing with seven or eight-year-old car, with his technology, the world can get a job.

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