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Not to be missed: the world’s top ten most efficacious were lucky

Monday, January 19th, 2009

All times and in all, many people are lucky stone that can bring good luck, the following is the top 10 were the most efficacious lucky. Whether you want to transfer or to make a wish, simply stroking or kissing them.

1. Paris, France, the well-known journalist Victor Noir’s tombstone

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Victor Noir in Paris, although not as good as those at the cemetery in the sleeping man as well-known, but most important of the cemetery landscape. Is said to feel his pants can be more children and grandchildren, so many women frequently visit.

2. The United States the bronze statue of Nevada Las Vegas Showgirl

If there were any luck, then came to Las Vegas, tourists must not miss the Riviera Hotel to watch the singing and dancing girl statue, but they are gamblers, the “luck.” It is said gently patted their buttocks luck would Hang Wong.

3. Vittorio Emanuele in Milan, Italy, commercial street paving pattern Bulls

If visitors go to Milan to get dizzy, it has to be because they arrived at the Vittorio Emanuele Commercial Street. It is said that the shopping mall on the heels of the Bulls who will be able to transfer rotation.

4. Blarney Castle County Cork, Ireland Stone

Words do not quite good at it? It does not matter to kiss blarney stone castle. It can give you the language of unparalleled talent, but in order to show devotion, to be leaned over to kiss each other face to face it. In order to protect the safety of tourists to come to pray, the relevant departments specially to send workers to help.

5. Japan Asakusa temple to burn incense and praying

To Senso-ji Temple of the pilgrims were convinced that burning incense and praying in the temple will be able to relieve the pain, whether it is inflammation of the throat or back pains, can be “sweet” to the disease.

6. Germany Cochem Castle chandelier

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If the Little Mermaid is also too general, then Germany Cochem castle chandelier must allow you to come true. Shedding light on the painting shows the number of people who wish to devotion.

7. Peru Machu Picchu suppository Nisseki

Initially built on stone suppository is to worship at the grand ceremony, the determination of time, but now has a new suppository Nisseki function. It is said that some sensitive people as long as the psychic will be able to seize the rock.

8. Sweden covers the water

In Sweden, when you cross the road when the car is not only to be careful, but also have to pay attention to the covers on the road. Covers the general use different letters marked as “love”, “romance” and the meaning. Pacers avoided much of either, or have decided that the path to which.

9. The United States Springfield, Illinois, Lincoln’s Tomb

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It is reported that numerous overseas visitors come, not only pay tribute to Lincoln, but also in order to feel this great president’s nose, as it can bring good luck.

10. Chai Reno burr Sydney, Australia (Il Porcellino)

If you feel that familiar it right. Because it is well-known in Florence, burr wood replica of Reno. This is the first boar was a gift to the Sydney Hospital. With the former, as long pig nose can also bring good luck.
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The world’s top ten most horrible place

Monday, January 12th, 2009

In recent days, Russia’s “Pravda,” selected the world’s most mysterious and terror of the top ten places, the Museum of History and the dead associate, the mysterious magic market, the gloomy “ghost swamp”, filled with underground tomb, as well as the ghost tour go home and so on, people can not help but back fat cool!

1. American Museum of Philadelphia, Matt (The Mutter Museum of Medical History)

Had just been established, the museum is used for medical students to do research in human anatomy and deformity of the local people. Now here has become a display of various diseases, injury, deformity cases, as well as the ancient medical equipment and biological development of exhibition hall, more than 20,000 exhibits, including photos of war victims, Siamese human remains, dwarf skeleton as well as colon and other human diseases. There is also the world’s unique collections, such as a female body like soap, a long with two head of the skull, such as children. In such a gloomy environment, the audience can not help but horrified.

2. Truk lagoon Micronesia (Truk Lagoon, Micronesia)
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Truk Lagoon is located in the southeastern Hawaiian Islands, the existing large number of Japanese navy stationed there. According to scientists, research, more than 50 warships, submarines of World War II shipwrecks sunk in the bottom of Truk Lagoon. Contains a lot of these wrecks of harmful substances, such as tens of thousands of barrels of oil and chemicals, as well as the weapons did not explode. However, due to the lake bottom of the lake there are coral and marine life here has become a paradise for scuba diving enthusiasts. Unfortunately, many divers can not go up.

3. Mexico magic Sonora market (The witchcraft market in Sonora)

Sonora has a magic market, where a large number of witches gathered. Witch sitting own small shop, claiming that as long as 10 U.S. dollars to be able to eliminate the poverty and suffering. This market is booming, the local people of Mexico for customers, but also the foreign visitors come. People who come here have to take away things more daunting, such as the mysterious banners, snake blood, dried birds, because they believe that these things can bring good luck.

4. Chile, Easter Island (Easter Island, Chile)

Easter Island, known as the world’s most mysterious places. On the island there are many world-famous statue. These statues are facing the sky, as if to pray for what. Surprising is that in addition to stone their own, no one knows its carved who, no one knows more 20-meter high statue weighing 90 tons is how completed. Even more surprising is that the scientists had left over from the original stone to stone carved hard, resulting in fragmentation of the stone instead.

5. The United States of Cayman LA swamp Chuck (Manchac Swamp, Louisiana)

The Marshes have an alias – “ghost swamp”, is located near New Orleans. There are legends that the swamp by a voodoo curse Queen. In 1915 there were three villagers in this swamp mysterious disappearance.

6. Underground tomb in Paris, France (The Catacombs of Paris)

Stretches 178 kilometers of underground tunnels, buried about 700 million people, remains are neatly arranged wall, and marked the death of the year. Tomb in the air very dry, filled with the flavor of rotting corpses. Tomb is the limestone quarry, after the cemetery full of disease outbreaks, at the beginning of the 18th century during the funeral of 70 people.

7. California Winchester Mystery House (The Winchester House in San Jose, California)
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San Jose, Calif., has a Winchester Mystery House, many strange things always. In 1884, a widow Winchester began construction of a magnificent mansion. But I do not know what the reason, the luxury completed until Sarah’s death, time-consuming up to 38 years. After the completion of the house is always strange things happened can not be explained, it was known as the Winchester Mystery House. There are 160 luxurious rooms, equipped with modern heating systems, drainage systems, gas lights, three elevators and 47 fireplaces. There are embedded in the floor of the windows, stairs leading to where I do not know; a door open, but only a blank wall of the wall. There are rumors that Sarah and other tortured souls still walk in these rooms.

8. Edinburgh, Scotland’s Mary King Street (Mary King’s Close in Edinburgh)

The narrow cobbled side street, in the 1645 plague spread to Edinburgh, was completely blocked. Some legends plague was stained with the family was sealed with bricks door, these people were burnt to be starved to death. In 2003, the re-opening of this street to become tourist attractions. Haunted by hearsay, so that no one is willing to live in, seemed to be somewhat desolate. Tourists that walk on this street, the total arms and legs feel anything encountered. Local author, this may be a ghost girls.

9.Sicily (Abbey of Thelema, Sicily.)

Alexandru labor is likely to be the world’s most notorious, a magician, in 1920 is considered one of the most evil person. Crowley claimed that Hitler had stolen from him “卍” secret word. Clausius force is private residential, which covered the bizarre murals gloomy tone. According to rumors, Crowe power because the construction of building housing is free to enjoy sex. Crow admirers power, filmmakers Clausius force was building housing a documentary film, but film mysteriously disappeared. This building is now housing has become a ruin.

In 1986, Kiev, Ukraine states have taken place in the history of the most serious nuclear power plant leak accident. Hundreds of thousands of residents forced to evacuate, resulting in 19 miles of the city have become no one region. Today, the abandoned Chernobyl has been developed as a tourist attractions. Visitors can see the abandoned garden of scattered toys, as well as Online Pharmacy Best Prices Buy Cialis Super Active 20 mg Cheap Cheapest Cialis Cialis Super Active In London Uk cheap Cialis Super Active Mail Order newspapers on the table.
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