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Secret of the world’s most poisonous animal in several

Friday, February 27th, 2009

Deadly fairies – Australian box jellyfish where to buy Indocin
Box jellyfish (box jellyfish) is also called the sea wasp, is a coelenterate, mainly living in north-east of Australia’s coastal waters, often floating in the shallow waters of the Queensland coast, is considered the world’s known, the most toxic to humans Bio. Was stung 30 seconds after injury can cause death. PS: Do not look, but this guy first World toxicology.

God — Australia miles hardwickii
Living in sea serpents in ranked No. 2. It is the one Zhang, trunk slightly cylindrical, slender body, flat side of the back-end and tail. Its toxic than the king cobra even greater, if it were a bite, will die within 10 minutes. With box jellyfish live in the same waters.

Drugs you— Blue ring online essays writers octopus
Blue ring octopus (BlueRingOctopus) and box jellyfish are the two most poisonous marine life, which the body’s venom can be built in a few minutes to kill people. At present, medical detoxification methods have not yet, blue ring octopus shy personality, favorite hiding in the stone, the evening before by the activities and foraging.

Nuclear bombs – deadly curare frog

frogs and other amphibians, it has much of the skin glands can secrete mucus to provide lubrication and protection of their own skin, its highly toxic secretion is that it has become the world’s most poisonous animals. Apart from people outside, it no other natural enemies. Western Colombia in South America place the secretion of frog poison frog, is the world’s known to most of the drugs, and only one gram would be enough to make one hundred thousandth of a person killed.

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Funnel-web spiders (FunnelWebspider) toxicity are exceptionally strong Australia A large spiders, are the world’s most deadly spiders, one naturally aggressive, if the person has been bitten by it, within 15 minutes would die.
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Koala can also take medicine!

Monday, February 16th, 2009

March 5, in Sydney, your essay helper Australia, the world of wild animals, veterinary Gierke Koala Forest used a syringe to the mouth Petra. Petra 13-year-old was diagnosed with cryptococcosis. Koala often some nasal cryptococcosis and the disease appears.

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10 most luxurious campsite

Monday, February 2nd, 2009

1, Switzerland Whitepod camp

Who would have thought the snow to go camping? Perhaps some unconventional, but live in the dome of the tent, wearing snow shoes, fishing, or sit along the dog more fun otherwise pet import. The Swiss Alps at 6000 feet up to the embrace, Whitepod Snow has a spectacular and comprehensive sports facilities, with breathtakingly steep slopes, you can slide down hill to breath.

2, Maldives the law of Ma Yung Chong (Banyan Tree Maldives Madivaru)

To the Indian Ocean to experience the fun of camping, and that the law Ma Yung Chong is the best choice. The most salient feature of the Maldives is that we have about 87 private resort islands, the islands of “one island one resort hotel,” mainly to provide the top guest statue pet holiday feast. Ma Yung Chong the law, including six independent villas, each attached to three tents room for personal purposes. Luxurious furnishings to create a force in the isolated paradise. When you enjoy one of the Stars beach, I will have a new understanding of camping.

3, Canada wilderness Resort and Spa (Clayoquot Wilderness Resorts & Spa)

Wilderness Resort & Spa Center is located on the west coast of Canada, from Vancouver 1 hour to arrive at the opportunity. A total of more than 20 camps Block tents, with a senior furniture, old-fashioned fireplace, and even antique porcelain, water and electricity supply to 24 hours. Outdoor activities, including the breathtaking view of whales and watch bears, fishing and horse riding.

4, Tanzania Greystoke Mahale Camp zaidiaoshencai

Greystoke Mahale closer to the original natural and modern luxury of distance. Adjacent to a lake side of the tents away from the jungle, gorillas morning wake-up call to you. Breakfast used to follow the wizard adventure into the tropical woods. This piece of jungle inhabited by nine kinds of primates, in the afternoon to the lake fishing or drifting, taste of the wilderness in solemn sunset.

5, California, El Capitan Canyon Canyon
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El Capitan Canyon Canyon is located 20 kilometers south of Santa Barbara, luxury camping center covers an area of 300 hectares, surrounded by the original purity of the coast around. Whether at the seaside or in the jungle, quietly listening, you will hear the call of the wild. A wealth of outdoor sports including hiking, walking, rafting and horse riding are absolutely thrills. 26 milk bar white tent in the beautiful scenery, and the account is equipped with sophisticated pure handmade bedding and household items. Summer concerts, massage therapy and yoga courses are very attractive, but to not far from Santa Barbara this natural paradise tasting, I believe more can you integrate into the natural way.

6, AZ U.S. Camp Adventure World (Global Expeditions)
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Adventure World co-operation of the camp by the husband and wife for 20 years, won a good reputation. Main across the southern United States Outdoor luxury, caters to high-end tourists to stimulate the pursuit of psychological adventure. In the spacious pine furniture, tents, blankets and comfortable range. There are personal chef for you to manage three meals a day.

7, Chile Eco Camp
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Chile’s Patagonia is synonymous with outdoor adventure. Primitive jungle and the Andes, the blue glaciers and turbulent rivers is a paradise for all explorers. However, the cost of close to nature is not necessarily the suffering involved. Chile 100 within a national park at the foot of the Andes, the dome of the tent by the local nomads developed from an excellent structure to adapt to the local weather. Day trek in this quiet green tents rest really allows you to relax physically and mentally.

8, Jordan, Abercrombie & Kent

Jordan is a Christian place of pilgrimage, there have been countless times in the “Bible” was mentioned. To explore this magical land is the best way to follow the Crusades, the footsteps of heroic deeds, directly to the tile to Fallon desert. This journey not only comfortable but also significant. Abercrombie & Kent continuation of tradition, such as Jordan, hand-made in the tent overnight, but tourists do not like, like visiting the early, but to enjoy a well-prepared food, a single toilet and a unique Arab style. Along the way, can visit the historical fortress, monastery, Bagher climb mountains, to the Dead Sea in Xiaoyao to drift.

9, the United States Montana The Resort at Paws Up Camp

Montana legendary experience in the field of life:dies of shrubs, undulating mountains and turbulent rivers. You can not only immersed in the outdoor adventure, but also enjoy world-class residential services. A full day of riding or fly fishing after the steaming hot in the bathtub to relax, to a spa massage, and finally lie down on a soft bed is comfortable, however.

10, Australia 131 navigation longitude (Voyages Longitude 131)

In Australia’s remote desert stands the world’s best-known luxury camps. And it is bordering National Park in 2003 as a result of forest fires in the camp and destroyed, and now the reconstruction of the 15 white tents. Built-in luxury appliances, from the window just to see, although only a reception here 30 passengers, but the guests to enjoy an absolute first-class service.

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