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The world’s most controversial “hoax”

Friday, March 27th, 2009

Brazil “Cats Health dog” rumors have been revealed a fraud for a cat gave birth to three “puppy” of the rumors in recent days a lot of heated discussions in Brazil Chuan, the local major media on this debate, and even specialized invited geneticist as ” dog “to do the chromosome test to find out the truth. Local newspapers and even Aparecida couple charged with fraud, saying that he was set up a hoax to make money.

British 13-year-old father resigned or fraud Parent Case plotted buy lisinopril 5mg nexium 20 mg contraindicaciones generic lexapro cialis shop online lexapro 20 mg buy or order a paper cheap Cialis line cipro uti 250 mg cialis 20 mg toronto zithromax online bestellen ert 100 mg viagra metformin ct 1000mg buy cialis cialis 20 mg buying viagra goa viagra generic 800 mg generic metformin 500 mg British Patten Alfi 13-year-old boy into the world’s youngest father case caused an uproar, when people have accused the parents of juvenile betrayed money scandals, the media revealed that this suspect case are fraud個人房產墊資貸款擔保 | 房貸物業按揭保險 | Nolvadex online 按揭利率放寬 激發置業者購樓意欲 | 如何選擇物業貸款公司 | 選擇按揭貸款的時候如何選擇銀行.

Holocaust survivors love story was a fraud, now 79-year-old American Jewish Blatter to disclose the story of a legendary World War II touched countless people. Herman said that was only 12-year-old he was locked up in a Nazi concentration camp in Germany during the concentration camp outside of a 9-year-old little girl every day throwing him across the barbed wire to throw apples and bread, so that he survived. However, this is a hoax
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Strange! Walk stone

Monday, March 16th, 2009

on-line essay writing site Death Valley Buying Tadalafil 20 mg pills Online Without Prescription cheap Cialis Canadian Pharmacy Online No Prescription Cialis Professional cheap CialisВ  (Death Valley)” in the United States, Sierra Nevada, is a 208 kilometers long, 8-18 km wide basin of the mountain. Death Valley is the driest place the United States, the annual precipitation of less than 100 mm; it is also the nation’s hottest place, the maximum temperature of 56.6 ℃. The mysterious Death Valley, but also from those who are most distinctive stone.
Death Valley will rock like animals, be able to climb actin. In 1969, scientists on the stones of the valley have been carefully observed, all the stone in the year have left the original location, movement distance of 364 meters biggest Tatsu far, in the dry ground also left a long Mobile imprinting.

These will be “leaving” the stones are man-made false impression, or by a order Indocin online mysterious force?

Following this mysterious phenomenon known the answer: Why is death valley the stones will move it? It turned out that the death of the bottom layer of a special balance of the soil, the rain was over, this layer of soil becomes abnormal smooth.
Once the blowing wind, dirt on the stone will slide up, and with the wind direction changes frequently move stones mobile left “footprint” is very scleroma, coupled with the drought, wind the scene after the reservation a long time, look different stones, stone tracks criss-crossing, the valley of death has become a major spectacle.
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