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regions need to keep

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

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Zhongguang Wang Beijing, November 23 ( Reporter in the Tao ) The Voice of China a large snow , while yesterday ( 22) Jilin Meteorological Observatory has issued a Blizzard blue warning signal.
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Correspondent : 8:00 Jilin Meteorological Observatory at the data, Tonghua , Jilin Province and the White Mountain region of western snow , forecasters said more than 5 stations to Blizzard is the amount of regional snow, the snow can be said that the emergence of regional snow southeast of Jilin Province , also the first time this morning I contacted the White Mountain Tonghua residents , the latest in Tonghua snowfall began yesterday , and today morning snowfall has led to urban pavement thickness of 20 centimeters of snow , and Hakusan City, meteorological forecasters told me , Hakusan City, there have been partial to Blizzard , Hakusan city snow thickness reached 18 cm, Hakusan City, then the snow is the largest since a winter snowfall .

cool snow test is now Jilin Province, heating , electricity, transportation and other related departments , I just also contacted the power company workers in Yanbian , they say now is the power of the peak wintering period welcome , southern summer, with one air conditioner , refrigerator electricity consumption leading to the peak contrast , Jilin Province, it is precisely here, ushered in peak winter , now includes electricity, heating has done a linkage plan , weather experts have warned that the current cold weather in northern winter increased snowfall , has been detrimental to the transport , so do the regions need to keep the road de-icing , snow removal and traffic guidance and so on.

foreign terrorist

Monday, November 21st, 2011

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Bloomberg said the suspect called Pimentel , aged 27 years old, Manhattan residents. Him by the

According to reports, police from New York in May 2009 began tracking Pimentel . There is evidence that Pimentel already have a bomb-making materials . He will face attempted murder , an illegal possession of weapons and support terrorist attacks on alleged terrorist activities .

Bloomberg said that New York City police since the Now it seems that only the suspect ‘s personal behavior has nothing to do with foreign terrorist organizations .

expressed disappointment

Friday, November 18th, 2011

[AFP, Canberra, November 16 - U.S. President Barack Obama said today that the United States and are not afraid of China, not trying to prevent the rise of China get its benefits. But he warned that Beijing must comply with the global navigation rules.

Obama also said that Beijing must

Obama and Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard attended the press conference, said: Germany announced that from mid-2012, U.S. Marines will begin deploying to Australia, which is the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan and Iraq, while

Obama on China in recent weeks the tone of hardened, saying Beijing had failed to take more action to achieve a fair market value of the renminbi level, expressed disappointment.

[AP, Canberra, November 16 - U.S. President Barack Obama today, insisted that the United States are not afraid of China, at the same time, he announced with Australia reached a new security agreement.

about 250 soldiers from the U.S. Marine Corps in northern Australia next year, the deployment rotation, the next few years with all the military personnel will reach 2,500.

Obama said: .

U.S. officials carefully stressed that the agreement is not trying to establish in Australia, the United States a permanent presence.

[AFP, Beijing, November 16 - 16, China said the U.S. starting next year in northern Australia may not be suitable for deployment at the Marine Corps should move. President Obama announced during a visit to Australia in the plan.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Weimin also said that countries in the region may not meet the common expectations.

[Reuters, Beijing, November 16 - 16, questioned the United States, China and Australia to strengthen military cooperation plan, and said to strengthen the military alliance is in line with the trend of peace and development open to question.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Weimin is a routine briefing made the comments.

Beijing will move as a possible U.S. attempt to encircle China further evidence. The United States has military bases in Japan and South Korea, and now again in the Australian troops.
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production processing

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

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Thursday, November 10th, 2011

Hair coloring design errors Q & A

Ask: hair coloring swatches bigger, more elegant, more colorful. Is it right??

Answer : not exactly. First, color is a hairdresser on color design tool, not a salon decorations,

It is not used to allow customers to choose their own color standard color card.

In foreign countries,梳頭
many hair coloring agent manufacturers usually swatches made portability card or can be optionally with Xie hanging plate.

No matter what form, is to facilitate the hair coloring design and customer communication, simply the pursuit of exquisite luxury on our performance

Will not generate much drive.

Generally speaking, the color swatches in more than 6, 15 the following, too much or too little of no practical significance.

But color is the most complicated mixed shall not exceed three color and two color mixing, for example: red ( three color .)

Plus purple ( two color purple ( one ) are one of three colors ).

Question two: how to classify the dyeing cream?

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we will all colors into the target color and color two categories. According to the different classification methods,

Classification is as follows:

According to the color: color, enhance color, fashion color, other colors

According to the composition classification: acidic dye paste, alkaline dye paste

Question three: hair coloring operation from the neck head item sequence applicator or reverse direction?

Answer: it depends on your target color is deep dyeing or staining light.

If it is the deep dyeing, usually de novo to cervical operation; if it is dyed light, generally from the neck head operation,

At the same time, hairline and rotary part of the hair to the last applicator. The whole operation is completed and then return to the head check operation effect.

Question four: dyeing or bleaching the hair coloring agent very slowly, okay?

Answer: decolorization speed and off color is not able to truly experience the dye quality, because the hair coloring process, the effect of color in the hair above the length of time, in addition to product quality factors and technical operation and other factors.洗頭水
So not only never discoloration or bleaching is slow to judge good hair coloring agent.

If it is only after a hair coloring and does not take any color and complementary means.

In two cases:

The 1 use of the good quality of products, the use of technology to.

The 2 use of the product is with direct dye composition, using the technique of right.

As we all know,強生嬰兒 Jul 21, 2013 – buy viagra cheap generic, generic viagra in the united states how to get Cialis. Subscription cialis use. . Behind branded Cialis online 20mg. the normal artificial coloring hair coloring agent can maintain 15 – 20 times to wash the hair, after the color will vary a lot.

Only with direct dye composition of the hair coloring agent can in the case above dyeing or bleaching is very slow.

And now in the market the most common artificial coloring agents through a set of color and color scheme can make the color

Maintain 20 above until permanent shampoo.


Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

Is conducive to hair growth food collection

Is conducive to hair growth food green vegetables: spinach, leek, celery, bell pepper, green asparagus, green vegetables can beautify the skin, helps the melanin, make the hair to keep black, and, as a result of these vegetables are rich in fiber, can continue to increase the quantity of hair. Soybean beans: can rise to increase the luster of the hair, elastic and smooth effect, prevent the bifurcation or fracture. Seaweed seaweed, kelp, Undaria pinnatifida: contains rich calcium, potassium, iodine and other substances.
The new supersedes the old. Can promote brain nerve cells, but also the prevention of white hair.

Not conducive to hair growth food cakes, snack foods, carbonated beverages, ice cream. Most of these young women like food, if eating too much, can affect the normal growth of hair, prone to rolling code or hair. Too much smoking will affect the growth of the hair.

Chang Yangfa is good for your hair food:

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corn, sorghum, wheat, beans are rich in vitamin B group, is to protect the hair and essential nutrients; all kinds of vegetable oil, animal fat, eggs, bean products, aquatic products can enhance the elasticity, so that soft; eat vegetables, fruit, peanuts, red dates, nucleolus, melon seeds, sunflower seeds such as food can enhance color, make hair more black. Therefore, pay attention to diet, is also the comprehensive measures of prevention and cure the indispensable link in.

Hair is mainly composed of keratin, containing a variety of amino acids and several kinds of trace elements, if iron deficiency and protein hair turns yellow and bifurcation; lack of vegetable oil, vitamin A, protein and iodine, hair dry, dull and easily broken; lack of vitamin B group will appear when the seborrheic dermatitis and hair shedding phenomenon.

So we should eat the food:

1 should eat eggs, milk, sour proteins: lean meat, beans, fish and shellfish, such as yeast.

2 should eat vegetables, Buy Lamisil Buy Zovirax lamisil lawsuits lamisil acne& .fr canadian lamisil lamisil canada foot lamisil lamisil on-line lamisil cream dosage lamisil topical lamisilВ  頭髮
強生嬰兒洗頭水 fruits containing many forms: trace elements necessary for hair.

3 should eat vitamin B6, vitamin E: B6 and E prevent white hair and hair growth promoting effect, such as cereals, peanuts, beans, bananas, honey, yeast, egg and pork liver.


Saturday, November 5th, 2011

Growing up

1 babies grow more slowly than others

The baby was born a week there will be ” physiological drop pounds”, body weight reduced, if measuring the weight of the baby, born second weeks have yet to return to birth weight, it is necessary to pay attention to whether there are abnormal; generally speaking, the baby born after second weeks, weight increase of about 150 grams per week. After that, we can control growth curve, understand the baby’s growth.

Growth curve of the horizontal line is the growth of the baby ‘s age, height, weight, head circumference line. Each measurement baby height, weight, head circumference, the control column according to age, digital draw a point; continuous measurement of a few times, these points are connected to the curve is the growth curve. Athletes on the manual reference curve is measured, many baby growth drawn by the growth curve, baby in 100 the same age children, third to last, is 300 bits. However, the measurement of the baby was to drink formula milk,嬰兒弱智的主要原因
if fully breastfed baby, the first 3 ~ 4 months weight than the reference curve is shown quickly, but after 4 ~ 6 months after weight increases slowly, even growth curve to decrease, but still be healthy.

The baby ‘s growth speed is not with others, and not the growth curve of 9700 quarter than 300 bits long well, some babies born on a thin, if the growth curve is in the 300 position, but according to the growth curve speed growing, is normal. And each measure, on the next line difference is acceptable. Dr. Chen Zhicheng said, if the baby ‘s growth curve down two lines will be noticed ( such as: from 7500 to 5000 bits, a 2500 bit ). Medically defined weight less than 300 points for growth retardation, need for physicians to assess, usually first consultation department of Gastroenterology, determination of nutrient uptake is no problem, then find endocrinologist check.

2 babies have a fever

The baby have a fever just an index, the baby was very ill but may not have a fever, Dr. Lv Shicun said, judge the baby didn’t get sick, can from the activity, jaundice, overflows, growth and so on, but if the baby have a fever should pay special attention, there may be otitis media, urinary tract infection symptoms, to hospital.

3 in the middle of the night crying

In the middle of the night crying baby : Causes and solutions:

( 1) used to. Common in the children during the day and let baby sleep more, causing the night would not sleep. Suggest the best adjustment physiological clock delay time to sleep,嬰兒弱智
try to let your baby sleep less during the day, night till sleepy sleep again.

( 2) physiological. Such as the diaper is wet, hungry stomach, flatulence, colic intussusception, etc.. Li Zhaohui care long said, when the baby cries and screams, first check whether the baby hungry, wet diapers or so; if not the above reasons, can hold the baby with a pacifier or. Because the baby oral stage if it has not been possible to meet, to create a sense of trust. But pacifier use, may have the tooth deformation or mouth shape.

As for the crying baby to drink milk, do not recommend the use of pacifiers, lest cause nipple confusion, just allow the baby to suck the mother’s nipple.

( 3) stomach distension.嬰兒 Brand Cialis 20 mg pills Online Canada Pharmacy Discount Prices Online Pharmacy No Prescription Brand Cialis online Buy Tadalafil From Canada OnlineВ  Buy Lamisil AT Antifungal Cream, .42 oz at Walmart offers free pickup for most orders placed online – for many items as soon as today! Tell usВ 
If the baby belly bulging, the film when there is” pop” sound, may be flatulence, doctor proposal, can hold the baby for a walk, or putting the baby in the infant seat, driving a few laps; so also can eliminate flatulence.

Or in baby’s tummy belly massage apply balm, but mainly by massage baby belly to eliminate flatulence. Chen Zhicheng recommended that, in Wen Biao the anal with soap and water or lubricant, insert the baby anus stimulus exhaust, but best not used.

If the baby was crying and the number of positions there is increasing, and even the emergence of bloody stool passage situation,強生嬰兒洗頭水 professional essay writers there may be a risk of intussusception, must be sent as soon as possible medical ultrasound or X-ray examination, otherwise the risk of rupture of the intestine.

gem appraisal

Friday, November 4th, 2011

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Kashmir sapphire

Friday, November 4th, 2011

Sapphire and Ruby contact
Sapphire ( Sapphire ) and ruby are sisters gems, they all belong to the corundum minerals, is in addition to the Diamond Sapphire Pendant beyond Earth the hardest natural mineral, basic chemical composition of alumina. In addition to star effect, only translucent or transparent and colorful corundum can be called the gem. Red and chrome corundum red adjustable elements, it was known as the ruby; blue sapphire ( Sapphire ) is because it contains the trace of titanium and iron. In fact, in addition to red corundum, all other tones in the commercial is called sapphire corundum ( Sapphire ).

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Therefore, sapphire ( Sapphire ) not only refers to the blue corundum, except it has a complete blue series, and like fireworks like the sunset yellow, pink,mineralization
orange and purple, the color of sapphire ( Sapphire ) are collectively referred to as colored sapphire ( Sapphire ).
Main components

Sapphire component is alumina, because it contains trace elements Fret not as you can actually buy discount Lamisil online in Australia even without buying lamisil australia, lamisil cheap malaysia, how to Buy Lamisil online inВ  Ti ( Ti4 + ) or iron ( Fe2 + ) and blue. Is a three crystal system. Crystal morphology are usually cylindrical, short column, plate shape, geometry for granular or compact massive. Transparent to translucent, vitreous luster. Sapphire crystal refractive index 1.76-1.77, double refraction rate 0.008, two color and strong. Heterogeneous body. Sometimes has special optical effect – star effect. The hardness is 9 3.95-4.1, density g / cm. No cleavage, fracture of science development. Under certain conditions, can produce beautiful six shooting stars, known as the" star sapphire".

Sapphire can be divided into blue sapphire and the bright color ( blue ) sapphire. Color is produced with India" cornflower blue" is the best. Sapphire is said to protect the king and the monarchy from harm," the imperial stone " is called.produce turquoise
The international gemstone sapphire as the" September Birthstone", symbol of affection, loyal and faithful. Sapphire is the world’s five largest high-grade gemstones precious one.

Sapphire and similar blue gems, synthetic gems from blue. Similar blue gem is blue, blue, blue zircon spinel tourmaline, Benitoite, kyanite, such as cordierite. Similar synthetic gems, synthetic spinel synthetic sapphire, containing cobalt blue glass. The blue tip spar raw sapphire: uniform color, microstrip gray, crystal in eight face of the body, homogeneous body, no two color. Blue : the color is blue with green tourmaline crystals, as three party columnar, hardness, density, refractive index is lower than the sapphire, two color extremely obvious, double refraction rate. Blue zircon zircon: after heat treatment,DVB T RECEIVER bright color, good dispersion, high birefringence rate. Synthetic sapphire: uniform color, clean, inclusions are scarce, a round bubble, homogeneous body.

The evaluation and choice of sapphire. The evaluation and choice of sapphire factor is the color, weight, transparency and clarity. Sapphire is the biggest characteristic of uneven color, polysynthetic twin agenesis, two color and strong. The Burma region producing sapphire, with bright blue ( titanium containing coloring ), because it contains inclusions, can produce six or twelve rayed star shot. India Kashmir sapphire, a cornflower blue, is a microstrip purple Order Tadalafil – Brand Cialis online without a prescription from online pharmacy. Visa*Mastecard*Amex accepted. Discrete packing and prompt delivery. indigo blue, bright color, quality sapphire. Sri Lanka, Thailand, China, Australia produced sapphire also features. Sapphire has a brittle, wear should avoid beat, knocking.

black corals

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

Stone coral is the most well-known, most widely distributed species, or groups of single life. And black corals and coral thorn, divide the number of 6 or a multiple of 6, simpler and less of a feathered tentacles. Stone coral, black corals and coral and a thorn relationship of the difference between the anemone is a major bone.

Stone coral found in all oceans, from tidal zone to 6000 meters (about 20000 feet ). Main type of group life, the Hydra diameter 1 to 30 mm ( 0.04 to 1.2 inches).
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The majority of living stone coral for the light yellow, light brown or olive, according to live in coral and algae on the set. But its skeletal constant white. Blue coral ( Heliopora is the largest single battalion body living stone coral as a Shi Zhi L. ( Fungia ) animals, up to 25 cm in diameter ( about 10 inches ).

Stone coral skeleton of a goblet, wrap the hydra, its composition almost pure calcium carbonate. Its growth rate depends on the age, food supply, water temperature and different types. Annular Coral Island and coral reefs from the stone coral skeleton form, QuestionPro Survey, Question 1: Lamisil OrderLamisil Buy OnlineBuy Lamisil CreamWh Click for More. Where To Buy Lamisil Cream Lamisil Cheap south sea pearls
its formation rate to an annual average of about 0.5 ~ 2.8 cm. Common types include agate stone coral coral, mushroom coral, coral and staghorn corals stars, their patterns are named.

Black corals and coral thorn a whip, pinnate, tree or brush-ruping, distributed in the Mediterranean, West Indies and Panama coastal waters.

Because of the pollution of the environment, leading to the air of a coral easy die components, appeared in some coral area, therefore, the global coral species and drastically reduced the number of.

The Persian name

Persian: xuruhak

Growth environment

Growth at a temperature above 20 DEG C of the equatorial and tropical, subtropical regions near the water depth is 100-200 meters, golden south sea pearls calm and clear reef, platform, slope and cliff face, concave seam. Mainly in the mediterranean.

Basic structure

Coral body made up of 2 layers : the layer of cells located on the outside of said ectoderm; inside the cell layer called the endoderm. Inside and outside the two germ layers are very thin, no coral cell structure of layer. This kind of animals without head and trunk branch, without a central nervous system, only the diffuse nerve system. When be stimulated by the outside, the whole animal body has reaction. Its way of life for free floating or fixed bottom habitat. Living coral, life in the ocean.